Sold! Multiple Businesses

November 25, 2019

2019 has been a busy year with the sale of multiple businesses. 

In January we sold a kiosk in the Avenues Mall in Jacksonville. 
February a modern salon sold in Palm Coast. 
Between March and June we partnered with the franchise “Macks Tenders” to sell three of their locations to two buyers. 
Again in June we sold an Ice Cream shop in East Arlington and a Pizzeria in the downtown area of Jacksonville. 
In September we brokered the sale of one of Jacksonville’s premier music schools. 
The month of November added 4 closings as we brokered the sale of a restaurant/bar in Arlington, a barber shop in the Intercostal area, a cleaning business to an overseas buyer and finally a breakfast diner in St. Augustine Beach. 
With all these recent sales we are in dire need of new listings. So if you know of anyone considering selling their business, please contact Quorum Business Advisers today.