Top Ten Selling Businesses in Florida

May 16, 2024

A Comprehensive Overview

  1. Restaurants: Topping the list, the restaurant industry in Florida has seen a significant number of transactions. This category is diverse, encompassing full-service and breakfast and lunch cafes, coffee shops, take-out establishments, bagel stores, fast casual eateries, as well as specialized outlets such as pizza, ice cream stores, frozen yogurt shops, and smoothie bars. The diversity and constant demand for dining options have kept this sector vibrant and attractive for buyers.
  2. Construction: With a booming real estate market and a constant need for infrastructure development, the construction sector has been thriving. This includes businesses specializing in HVAC, plumbing, electrical work, roofing, general contracting, home improvement, glass installation, as well as window and door installation.
  3. Beauty: The beauty industry holds a solid third place, with hair salons, spas, and barber shops being particularly sought after. The personal care industry has shown resilience, with a consistent demand for services.
  4. Lawn Service: Both residential and commercial lawn care services, including irrigation, have been in high demand. Florida’s climate and emphasis on curb appeal contribute to the robustness of this sector.
  5. Automotive: The automotive industry remains a crucial part of Florida’s business landscape, with general repair shops, tire stores, body shops, truck repair services, and transmission repair shops seeing a substantial number of sales.
  6. Medical Related: The healthcare sector has proven to be indispensable, with businesses such as medical spas, imaging centers, testing facilities, physical therapy centers, pharmacies, home care services, assisted living facilities (ALFs), and medical billing services experiencing significant buyer interest.
  7. Property Management: Florida’s vibrant real estate market has resulted in a thriving property management sector, dealing with both long-term rentals and vacation properties.
  8. Manufacturing: The manufacturing sector, including general manufacturing, metal, plastic, and machine shops, as well as businesses dealing with aluminum and wood products, has been a strong performer in terms of sales.
  9. Cleaning (non-clothing): Cleaning services, encompassing maid/janitorial services, pressure washing, water damage restoration/remediation, and carpet cleaning, have experienced consistent demand, making this sector a top contender in business sales.
  10. Bars/Liquor: Rounding out the top ten, the sale of bars, breweries, liquor stores, sports bars, taverns, and nightclubs have seen substantial activity, reflecting Florida’s vibrant nightlife and tourism industry.

‌This analysis, based on the business broker database for the state of Florida, provides a comprehensive overview of the most attractive sectors for business transactions. Whether you are a current business owner contemplating a sale, or a potential buyer exploring opportunities, this ranking serves as a valuable resource in navigating the dynamic business environment of Florida.

Author Anthony John Rigney, Broker and Owner at Quorum Business Advisors, LLC.

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